Mission Statement:

to raise awareness of current trends in science, its research and findings, and rationality as it applies to our lives and communities-both local and global.



illuminating just actions in our world


Astronomy & cosmology

Revealing the structure of the universe

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Revealing the code of life

Quote of the Day

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. 

~~Albert Einstein

A love of science, skepticism, philosophy, and both logic and abstract thought:

 A love of science, skepticism, philosophy, and both logic and abstract thought:

Despite its modest beginnings, the staff at Beyond the Boundaries began to gradually cultivate growth into this mutual passions. We strive to be fully engaged and motivated by our admiration and interest into the mysterious nature of our shared reality and human experience!

The authors innate drives will:

  • push us to seek out,
  • educate,
  • disclose,
  • and uncover the answers

to questions that have been asked, tested, and researched by the sharpest scientific and philosophic minds in academia, private research, mas-media, and amateur exploration. We eagerly invite you to join us as we break the confines of what we know and discover what may be…beyond the boundaries!

A Community for Skeptics:

A Community for Skeptics:

When we created Beyond the Boundaries we envisioned a place where all people with a love of science, reason, philosophy, and knowledge could come together and cultivate great ideas. We draw our inspiration from great authors, scientists, and skeptical thinkers who have influenced our own views on the world around us. We want to inspire you and invite you to get involved in our community, suggesting topics to us, and reaching out to us if you have a passion for science education or skepticism and want to write about it. Beyond the Boundaries was not created simply so we could share our thought and knowledge, it was created to reach the minds of many, for as Vincent Van Gogh once said “Great things are done by a series of small thing brought together.” We believe in the great things that will come from the minds of those around us and we believe in the great things that can be achieved by a community of people with a common goal. We look forward to great things.


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